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Get to know us a little more :D

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Mehndi Shivdasani 

 One of the three founders and workshop facilitators of हम Prithvi से". She’s also our in-house wordsmith.

Mehndi is a Talent Advisor by day, helping social enterprises and non-profits build and hire their teams. By night, she runs a blog called Conscious Chokri, through which she aims to spread the message on low waste and more mindful living.

She believes that we all can create change in the world, even if it's just within our homes and local neighbourhoods. The world and all its living beings deserve to live on a healthy planet, and it's our responsibility to clean up the mess we've created.

Meet Pooja - One of the three founders and workshop facilitators of "हम Prithvi से". She's also our in-house queen of jugaad always reminding us to make the best of what we have!

A former journalist, Pooja Domadia founded Slow & Conscious Living, a start-up that works for spreading awareness and facilitates environmentally and socially conscious lifestyles. This is done through sensitising sessions, workshops and products. 
Slow & Conscious Living works as a platform for products from several NGOs and eco-entrepreneurs. A lot of these are handmade by tribal and rural folks in remote India. 
This conscious living journey began over four years back when Pooja started choosing her everyday products & services mindfully and living a low waste lifestyle. 

Pooja Domadia

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Mansi Shah

Meet Mansi - One of the three founders and workshop facilitators of हम Prithvi से". She's also our in-house design genius!

Before becoming an ecopreneur, she worked in biotechnology and forensics science.  Mansi observed that the gifting industry -  was hugely unsustainable, with large amounts of wastage in packaging and unused gifts.

 GiftGreen India was founded in 2016, the venture focuses on innovative green gift ideas with minimal use of resources, natural, biodegradable and reusable materials and gainful employment for artisans.

Since the last 5 years, GiftGreen's  products have been hugely appreciated by customers, corporates, government bodies and the media. GiftGreen also organizes regular workshops online and offline on low-waste living and home gardening.

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