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   हम Prithvi से   

 Learn how you can positively affect and address our climate crisis 

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About  हम Prithvi से

"हम Prithvi से" is a workshop series that encourages people to adopt a more earth-friendly lifestyle. While government and corporate action are paramount, as citizens of our beautiful planet, all of us can make better choices in our everyday lives and help tackle climate change.


Over six weekends, we'll share with you the basics of home composting, how to make and embrace natural body and home care products, grow food at home and much more! We try to cover multiple aspects of life where we create direct and indirect waste that harms our only shared planet and us.

About Hum Prithvi Se
Our Workshops

Our Workshops

Our workshops are designed to help you embrace an Earth-friendly lifestyle for the long term. We've offer tips, tricks and share with you our learnings from our journies.


We focus on enabling you and your loved ones to create new habits that will allow you to create less waste and effectively manage any waste you do make. 


We encourage all workshop participants to adopt a growth mindset and be open to unlearning previous patterns, thought processes, and habits to adopt new habits that make Earth-friendly living easy and convenient.


Our Team

Our team comprises three environment enthusiasts and powerhouse women, Mansi Shah (Founder, GiftGreen India), Pooja Domadia (Founder, Slow & Conscious Living) and Mehndi Shivdasani (Blogger, Conscious Chokri).


Each of us has been working on embracing an Earth-friendly lifestyle for the last four years. Having experienced ups and downs along the way, we realised that others could benefit from the lessons we've learned, and that's how "हम Prithvi से" came into being.


We love talking trash and are deeply passionate about doing our bit to affect positive change in the world.

Our Team

The Climate Crisis In India

Former Participant Testimonials


Your workshops are amazing.

I have learnt a lot.

Your team behaviour is also very friendly.


The Home Composting workshop was interactive and enjoyable.

Amazing and there was so much to learn from this, I really liked it! Gave a very good head start.

I did enjoy attending the workshops and three of you did a great job of creating and facilitating them.


Enjoyed the workshops on the weekend.

So inspired to start my composting got an old pot ready!

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